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Welcome our Director, Sabrina de J. Vergara Calderón. Sabrina is an experienced Neurolinguista with a sub-specialty in autism.

She joined us from Mexico City where she was on staff the Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación. Prior to the Instituto Nacional, she was on staff at the Centro Estatal para la Detección y Atención al Autismo in Veracruz.

Sabrina has her professional certification from Colegio Superior de Neurolingüística y Psicopedagogía, A. C.

Niños con Autismo de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. is delighted to have someone of Sabrina's expertise and training leading our staff.

We are pleased to introduce María Magdalena Godinez Herrera, staff therapist who works with both children and young adults with autism here at the Center.

She is from San Miguel and has been with Niños con Autismo de San Miguel de Allende and the prior organization since her graduation with honors in 2017 from the University of León.

Her degree is in Psychology. She completed her social service project with the Centro de Prevención y Reinserción de San Miguel de Allende.

Like our other staff members, she has continued her professional education with the support of Niños con Autismo.

Niños con Autismo de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. is pleased to welcome Olga Lidia Arzola Ortega as our newest Staff Therapist.

She has been working on her social project with our organization for the last year and has just received her certification in psychology with an interest in autism from Universidad Allende in San Miguel de Allende.

During her social project with us, she has participated in several professional seminars related to autism.

Lidia will be working directly with our children under the guidance and leadership of our Director, Sabrina Vergara. We are delighted to have Lidia join us as we continue to grow. 

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